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At Presidium, we believe leadership is a key skill that can be taught. Here teaching is not about knowledge downloads, but identifying, nurturing and developing the potential of each student. The school endeavors to turn each student into a leader of tomorrow and focuses on the all-round development of a child personality.


Some people follow a path they choose on their own. They discover their true calling. They chase their dreams with passion, and excel in their chosen discipline. But, best of all, they become what they want to be. Presidium is the school for such people.
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Knowledge alone today cannot bring your child success. To invent something new, one needs persistence and courage besides skills. To start a new venture, one needs to have leadership, communication skills and decision - making abilities, besides capital. And to live a happy and fulfilling life, one needs emotional strength to stay positive during trying times.
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The earlier children get an opportunity to identify and nurture their talent, the more they excel in it.
The creative team of Starmakers through the ten academies and six clubs continuously generate ideas that can unleash the innate talents of children. They provide training, inspiration and platforms to children to explore and exhibit their talents.
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Our Programs


Lifemakers, as the name suggests, aims to transform the lives of children. We prepare them for the real world, to value relationships in life, to see themselves as the torchbearers who raise humanity through inspiring projects and workshops like 'Being Courageous'.
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The Chairperson, Mrs. Sudha Gupta believes in boosting the confidence of students by recognising their exceptional talents and achievements. A formal luncheon is organised quarterly for honouring the young achievers of Presidium. In addition to this, a Letter of Appreciation signed by the Chairperson, along with a copy of individual portrait clicked with her, is given to the students.
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Every event at Presidium is an opportunity for students to showcase their talents and capabilities and learn new skills. The programmes we organise include Annual Day, Parenting Seminars, PMUN, Sports Day, Christmas Carnival and many other festive activities.